Fundraising Fandangos.

As a very excitable member of the Chennai Challenge Team 2K12 (<< does this make me cool!?) I have decided to waffle about fundraising, primarily to keep Isaac (my Team Leader) happy, and perhaps because I find it therapeutic, Ladies and Gentlemen you have been warned. >.<

Basically, insane as it sounds I have spent this past weekend perfecting my baking skills for mass baking my next baking sale at church after the service (after the 10.30am service St.Lawrence, Gnosall, Sunday 22nd April << PLEASE COME!) my arm is hanging by a thread, so to speak. That said, I fear there was probably little point considering I am getting help from the Youth Church group but at least my brother was happy, walking into my kitchen to find a mountain of muffins, literally.

However, I am proud to announce that I am well on the way to the £1000 mark, and hopefully after sending some letters to people in high places, that last £400 should come rolling in, however the key word to note is ‘hopefully’, otherwise I forsee frantic weekends baking my arms off, or being sponsered to come into school in various novelty costumes (perhaps a sari? Very appropriate I think 😉 .)

To cease my wafflings, I would like people to comment some ideas to help me fundraise, considering the policy ‘minimum effort, maximum yield’.

Good Evening Bloggers!

Kate xx


2 thoughts on “Fundraising Fandangos.

  1. Since you have perfected your baking skills and have a mountain of muffins, why not try and sell them to your mates at school? Check with someone in charge first though, so as you don’t get in trouble!

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