Well, hello blogosphere!

Very excited about this, my first blog! Almost as excited as when @RealJeanMartyn, of Britain’s Got Talent fame, tweeted back to me!!! :-O  I think I’m getting the hand of twitter – I’m a quarter of the way towards my 200 follower target for Easter!

I learnt the tricks of Twitter at the Chennai Challenge weekend in London’s Indian YMCA – amongst other things such as wearing saris (well, I wore a lungi..), fundraising tips, whats jabs to get (euggh!), UN rights of a child, managing behaviour, playing games and learning Tamil (think I’m gonna need to make some Tamil posters to stick by my bathroom mirror and on the back of the door!) 

I really enjoyed the London Weekend – getting to know the team and what we’ll be doing in India. The years going so fast – I figured it’s probably time I take my glee advent calendar down from my room – and before we know it we’ll be blogging from Chennai! But for now, it’s fundraising time!

So listen out for Penkridge’s India night to come – it’ll be the place to be! I’ve started helping at the Village Youth Theatre Company too – choreographing oompah loompah’s and the like to transform Wheaton Aston Village hall into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! I’m putting the money earned straight onto this fabulous website: http://justgiving.com/marypalmer

heehee ;D

Mary x

@marypalmer292  (<—-no spaces or capital letters and that’s not included in the name)


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