Hannah’s weekend

A blog post from Hannah.  The new team will soon be able to blog from their own accounts, but for now I’m copying and pasting from emails – enjoy!

“I said I was accident prone but no-one believed me until this weekend.  Amongst all the fun, the learning tamil- most of which I have forgotten and will need to look over, pretending to be children, which definitely was the easiest bit of the weekend. Learning to eat one-handed! As your left hand is your ‘poo hand’! There were quite a few accidents, or close accidents.
The most impressive one had to be skidding across the floor of the tube station whilst trying to get off and back on the train when it stopped as well as getting a photo. I would never advise crashing into a wall but it seems to happen to me a lot! As well as being on an escalator and almost falling down it- that was not much fun!And then, just because my ankle is a bit messed up, I spent the rest of the weekend hobbling even if I was trying to run! On top of that we played a very chaotic and dangerous game of ladders, as Auntie Jackie fell over Susie and Kate A, and I landed very heavily and now cannot lean on my elbows! Also, the one most people didn’t know about was that on the way home on the train I managed to hit my head against the window and get a headache but there you go!
I really enjoyed this weekend, and really enjoyed getting to know my mentor team as even though we were late we still beat the others by miles! I’m so tired now and will NEVER be able to take either broccoli or cultery seriously again! Now I just have the fun task of preparing for exams as well as raising as much money as possible!”

Cryptic really isn’t it? Thanks anyway Hannah!


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