Month: January 2012

Hannah’s first Blog

Hi all, Hannah gets a gold star – she is the first team member from the 2012 team to make her blog debut.  Enjoy the thoughts of Hannah McIntyre: “The first team meeting made it real! Real how deep the poverty is there but also real how I am going to help. I am so…
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January 30, 2012 2

Challenge 1 – To understand a Christian perspective on poverty, giving, and action!

What is Poverty? Big question you say. Well yes, how do you define a persons state or condition with many factors and influences, restrictions and bonds into a few words. Today we had our first Chennai Challenge meeting. It was great to see a potential team coming together and sharing expectation, previous experiences and having a…
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January 22, 2012 1

What’s the point?

Well, it’s the beginning of the year and very nearly the beginning of a new project for us here at Chennai Challenge.  We have been thinking quite a lot about the future of the charity and the possibilities that await us in 2012 and beyond.  This has also led to me thinking about the point…
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January 11, 2012 1