Month: August 2011

Yellagiri and other such things

Vannakam! I hope summer in England is not too rainy, and you are all well – although thinking about it London could be on fire currently and we would have no idea, which is slightly surreal. On the subject of rain, last night there was a terrific storm and I woke up to a slightly…
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August 21, 2011 3

Team Update

Image via Wikipedia For all you avid followers of this year’s team, this is just a quick update to say that they have all arrived safely in Yelagiri and are having a whale of a time. After a brief phone call, they have asked me to say that the boys are having a ridiculous amount…
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August 19, 2011 0

Independence Day and Yelligri

So my first blog in Chennai! It is so great to be back in this amazing country. Thankfully getting out here was not a problem and I got the team here in one piece. So today is Independence day. With an early start of 06:50 (who says this is a holiday?) we all went to…
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August 15, 2011 5

Independence Eve

Now usually on this day we are enjoying the hospitality of various YMCA hostels in this fair city. This Year however, they are focusing on giving breakfast & raising the flag. This means an early start for both teams in the morning, especially for those of us attempting a sari at 6.30! Independence day celebrations…
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August 14, 2011 2

The Names Bond… James Bond

Well i’m sitting in a hot sweaty internet cafe with no room whats so ever but i don’t care because there’s internet 😀 The flight(s) were pretty good, the first flight was amazing with me, keiron and suzie all having amazing seats with loads of leg room 😀 the second flight seemed to be plane…
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August 14, 2011 2

Just a quick one

Hi all – this is just a quick blog to say that Team B have arrived and are safe and happy. The thought for the day this morning was about their first time experiences so you might notice on twitter that #firsttimes is being used by many! We have had a couple of brilliant days…
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August 14, 2011 1

Dance, Dance…

Yesterday was very busy. It started early with Yemma, Tamsin and Barney waking at 5:50am for football with Oasis.  Once they successfully navigated their way to the football ground, they joined Vijayan John (Oasis football coach) for an under 12’s training session. This experience really shows the difference that can be made to slum children’s …
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August 13, 2011 4

What’s that- we have no bananas…

One of the thing we are missing the most currently is fruit- so we sent a couple of people down to one of the various shops that sell fruit, so we could all top up. I do feel though that sometimes people think they can cheat with their fruit intake- many fruit juices and smoothies…
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August 12, 2011 0

Yesterday deserves a blog.

We will not have time to visit the Internet cafe tonight as we are invited to a meal at Prince’s house (one of the YMCA Secretaries).  However yesterday was so brilliant that it deserves a blog immediately.  So, here I am in Joy&Joy internetcafe to fill you all in! Thanks for your comments so far…
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August 12, 2011 3

Not long now….

All the fundraising, the training meetings, the preparation, and the excitement and now it comes to this… Chennai is literally round the corner and I have yet to write a blog :O I should of done a blog post before now but I didn’t really have anything to say so I suppose its better late than never 😀 I…
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August 12, 2011 6