A short overview…

The team left for the airport at 4:30am on Monday morning and headed to the airport. We checked in and passed through security successfully, and took our seats next to gate 5, where the bus that would take us to the plane would leave from.
Our flight was to leave at 8:30am, however when it got to 8am and our flight had not been called, Barney and I went to check the departures board- our flight was delayed until 9:30am. At this point we started worrying, as our flight took us to Delhi where we would pick up the flight to Heathrow- leaving at 1:45pm. Eventually we got into the plane and took off around 10am, landing at Delhi at 12:30pm, leaving us an hour until the flight left. After sprinting through half of Delhi airport we were nearly at the International Departures, and having found out that we did not need to collect our luggage (unlike in Mumbai)- which was a relief- we then found we needed to fill in a departures form to get stamped by Immigration.
After waiting nearly 10 minutes, we sent Sarah through first, and as each person went through we ran to join them. After more security checks we eventually got onto the plane just before 1:45, the last on the plane. Luckily the plane did not leave until after 2pm, but it was a close call.
Since my last blog we took the boys up to the YMCA camp in the Yelligiri hills, four days of fun filled games, craft and silliness- once we had taken the 12 hairpin bends…
Once the boys left we stayed at the camp until the following lunch time, and headed back to Chennai, enduring a puncture and a very long journey.
On the Sunday afternoon we had an extra long session at the Boys Town
before saying an emotional farewell and then heading out for dinner with Team B, and packing before three hours sleep before heading to the airport.

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