Day 5- Zam Zam’s First blog!!

so this is my first blog (cheers yemma for letting me borrow your login!!)

Day 5 and it feels like I haven’t left since 2007!!

Today we had a busy one!! First we had team meeting and thought for the day, which was about who has made you shine in your life, twas a good TFTD, made me think a lot.

Then Cathy, Isaac and Rob set off for a meeting with GS, and left us to our own devices(ooh no!!)
We each had tasks, I went shopping with Nick and Barney to buy Yelligiri supplies, which was interesting, Ellie, Emma and Charlotte planned some stuff for an English speaking program in the slums called blue edge which they later went to teach at!! and said it was awesome!! and Flo and Sarah planned more Yelligiri activieties. After this we went to lunch, apart from the shopping group, who went later.
After lunch Emma, Charlotte, Cathy, Sarah and Isaac went to Blue Edge.
Everyone else began making things for Yelligiri like fairground games, this took alll afternoon!!!!
Then for dinner mmmm, Cathy, Rob and Isaac had another meeting this evening, these were all to decide what to spend on and which projects we should help.

Then to internet Cafe to write this, and now home, to bed!

Nandre for reading,

Night all.

Zam Zam (Tamsin Woods)


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