Month: August 2011

India was awesome

Its been just over a week since I arrived back to the U.K and Team B have just landed at Heathrow Airport. India was awesome and I already want to go back next year. I surprisingly miss the food, the people and of course the boys from YMCA Boys Town. As soon as I left the airport with my parents I realised how cold it…
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August 31, 2011 2

29th August

Hey it’s Rachel here doing my first ever blog in India! I have been having an amazing time out here. I have learnt so much about the culture and met some inspirational people. It’s lunchtime on the 29th August and  am using up a few hours of my free time in the internet cafe. We…
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August 29, 2011 3

In which we meet an old familiar face…

Well, I was suppose to be uploading a rather long blog that Rob wrote on the laptop onto the website.  Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a working USB port on this computer, so that will have to wait! His blog was all about the day he spent waiting to buy things for Boys Town.…
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August 28, 2011 3

Missing Home…

I’ve been back from India for 4 days now and it already feels like too long. The title of this blog sums it up for me, I am missing home. Chennai became my home during my time there and I’m missing everything about it: the weather, the food and the people that became my family.…
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August 28, 2011 1

GCSE’s and all that Jazz..

Hello everyone it’s my first blog here in India so hope you enjoy! Yesterday for the number of 16 year olds there are in the team was a bit of a stressful today because it was the day that our results came out. However in the end it turned out that it was only me…
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August 26, 2011 2

A short overview…

The team left for the airport at 4:30am on Monday morning and headed to the airport. We checked in and passed through security successfully, and took our seats next to gate 5, where the bus that would take us to the plane would leave from. Our flight was to leave at 8:30am, however when it…
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August 25, 2011 0


well hey everyone! we’ve had a good day! however this morning in true Indian fashion we ordered vehicles to go to fort school (a ymca school) but we waited for an hour and then got a phone call asking if we would like a car for 3.. a little bit late for our schedule! so…
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August 24, 2011 5

Yellagiri Pictures

Hello, Not much to read in this blog, but some pictures from our time in Yellagiri. Enjoy! Rob  

August 24, 2011 2

Goodbyes and airport runs!

Two days ago Team A had their last day in Chennai. The day began with a great thought for the day by Catlin in which she explained why she came on project and encouraged the team by reminding us that God has amazing plans for everyone. We all then explained our reasons for coming and not surprisingly many reasons…
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August 23, 2011 5

In which we buy stuff and make stuff

Hey everyone, hope you’re well. I’m sitting in Joy and Joy (the best internet cafe in the vepery area) and just realised no one was blogging, so here I am. Sorry if it’s a short one – I have 15 minutes starting… now. This morning Team A left us at a ridiculous hour, so at…
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August 22, 2011 5