Ready or Not…

Rob’s thought for the day on Friday/Saturday was about playing games.  Specifically it was about playing Hide and Seek and, whilst Barney was keen to undermine his faulty mixed metaphor, here is the basic premise:

Once you’ve counted down from 10 to 1 the words you say are “Coming, ready or not!”  Indeed, Rob said, India is coming ‘ready or not’.  With only 23/33 days to go (depending on which team you’re on) the climax of the project is only just around the corner whether or not you have got everything done (got your injections, packed your bags, bought everything you need, got your money paid in).  So, Rob asked, are you going to HIDE from the challenges this will bring up and the last minute things that you need to get done and let India smack you in the face as you arrive?  Or are you going to SEEK out new challenges and ways to get everything done before you get there?

I had my first rush of excitment this weekend about India.  This year has been stressful and challenging for me, and so it was a relief to get a rush of excitement about going back to Chennai, seeing the boys at Kottivakkam, eating amazing food and going to Yellaguri.  It is an incredible city and an incredible experience and I can’t wait to seek out all the new opportunities that this year will present.

So – will you HIDE or SEEK.  And are you READY or NOT? India’s coming!


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