These are a few of my favourite things!

These are a few of my favourite things from being in India:

  • The journey back from Kottivakkam after a busy session;
  • Butter Chicken, Rice, Paratha at Blue Diamond;
  • It’s a Knockout at Yellagiri;
  • Visiting new projects with Oasis;
  • Having a joke with Vijay;
  • Mini Tiffin at Raaj Bhavan;
  • Cheese Pav Baji at Raaj Bhavan;
  • Mirinda and Limca (contains no fruit);
  • Drinking milk shakes and fruit juices in the Fruit Shop on Greams Road;
  • Panneer Tikka Masala at Doveton;
  • The Bus Journey to Yellagiri with the Boys;
  • Arriving at the airport – being greeted by Prince, George, Edwin, Asir!
  • Singing Ram Sam Sam on the stage at Kottivakkam;
  • Playing Kebadi;
  • That first cup of South Indian coffee;
  • A sneaky Auto ride to Spencer Plaza with Rob;
  • Going to the Government High School in the BV colony, Vyasarpadi;
  • Sitting with the boys quietly at Yellagiri (it happens);
  • Climbing Bare Rock at Yellagiri;
  • Walking back to Vepery YMCA from the Blue Diamond.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it’s a good start.  Just a few of my favourite things.  Add your favourite things from India in the comments box below.


5 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things!

  1. I’m still amazingly confused about whether I’m actually blogged on to the site thing 😛
    I presume i have but who knows?
    my favourite thing about India is the FOOD!!

  2. Happy Kottivakum boys!!! Hearing their cheers when the Yellagiri bus arrived.
    The view as the bus climbed up to Yellagiri.
    The love and care the boys have for each other, tender, touching moments….seeing the younger boys fall asleep where they sat….the older ones scooping them up and carrying them to bed ….awwwww
    The sight of the boys in winter hats and blankets, freezing, whilst we relished being just a little cooler.
    Their contented faces after meal times in Yellagiri.
    Walking along holding a small boys hand and chatting away together….
    Hearing my name being called by the boys….mixed one this….Leeeen, Leeeen, sciccors, sellotape!!!!!
    The view from the rooftop of John’s church in the slums.
    Lassi On a hot sticky day, or Sweet lime……ooooo watering mouth at the thought.
    Team faces at the sight of the first paper roast!
    Any food we ate in the Blue Diamond….and those puddings …….nomnonmnmnomnmomnmom!!!!!
    Elegant saris.
    The seashore on our day trip and time to reflect and laugh even more with team.
    Elephant rides.
    The lovely friendly locals,
    Oh yeah, and I am easily pleased…a good dhal!
    And how could I possibly forget Team singing on the bus! (Just in case the ladies of Kottivakum go walking by….)
    And…..I’m there in my head all over again! Happy days!!!!

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