Month: March 2011

This week I have…

So this week I have been doing the following things: Keeping track of the cricket (Go on India!) Trying to work out further ways to raise money for Chennai Challenge – including possibly running a couple of pub quizzes. enjoying sunshiney weather (until yesterday) Reading Henry VI part 1 Listening to Mumford & Son’s Sigh…
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March 31, 2011 0


Recently I have been following 40acts. 40acts is seeking transform generosity. I like the sound of this, especially when trying to raise funds, if people became more generous. However, it is not all about money. One day this week 40acts looked at being generous with hospitality, and how the most important thing is not having…
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March 26, 2011 2

The Sun has got his hat on

Yes he has.  The sun is shining quite enthusiastically here in London.  I ate my lunch outside today and it was more than bearable, it was positively gorgeous.  It feels like Spring.  In fact, it almost feels like Summer and I LOVE IT.    Apparently it is a mind shattering 16C here today.  16C!?  As if…
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March 24, 2011 0

Personal Challenges

Human nature is a funny thing. We always want the latest phone with all the apps, the newest car, the football shirt for this season etc. but are we ever happy with what we get or do we always think we can do better? Today I visited the Education Show ready to get bags of…
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March 21, 2011 0

These are a few of my favourite things!

These are a few of my favourite things from being in India: The journey back from Kottivakkam after a busy session; Butter Chicken, Rice, Paratha at Blue Diamond; It’s a Knockout at Yellagiri; Visiting new projects with Oasis; Having a joke with Vijay; Mini Tiffin at Raaj Bhavan; Cheese Pav Baji at Raaj Bhavan; Mirinda…
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March 18, 2011 5

A time to…

My favourite time travel movie is (obviously) Back to the Future.  I can’t tell you how thoroughly childish and excited I was when it had a cinematic re-release last year.  I was 1 when it first came out, so I never got the chance to watch it in the cinema.  This time I took full…
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March 16, 2011 0

Generosity and Cakes

Today I made £575 for Chennai. Now, I’m not saying this to make myself sound good (Although my cake baking skills are pretty epic) I’m saying this to illustrate what can be achieved through a little resolve, and the humbling generosity of others. (With a little help from God, of course) My church mission committee…
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March 14, 2011 1

Food, Glorious Food

I love food.  I love love love food.  What a great idea food was, God. Last night for my birthday I was taken out to Roast in Borough Market.  It is a lovely restaurant with beautifully cooked food, good wine and superb service.  Somehow they have made sitting in a room with railway tracks on…
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March 10, 2011 0

Birthday on the first day of Lent….

Ok, so I know it’s only 24 hours since my last post, but this is too good a blog opportunity.  That’s right. It’s my birthday today.  But it is also the first day of lent.  Does one sense a difficult problem? Can I eat any chocolate today? Can I have a drink? I ate pancakes…
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March 9, 2011 0


Faster than a speeding…well, not bullet, that’s for sure.  Faster than a speeding walker might be more accurate.  And definitely louder!  The auto rickshaws of Chennai have always been a source of much enjoyment for us.  In some places they have the name ‘tuc tuc’, but in Chennai ‘auto’ serves as an adequate description. I…
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March 8, 2011 0