Back Home, Illness and Video’s

So it has now been two days since we got back to england, one and abit of which i (and most of team B) have felt totally Ill, if your of the praying kind, this would be a great help, i personally spent 13 hours in bed solid without eating a thing however i am feeling better now so i s’pose that is alreet 🙂

Being back home is just… strange now, really strange, we were briefed about what we may feel and how it would be back here but really no words can prepare you for that 😦 i am sat here, at quarter to ten at night and i am freezing cold even under 2 blankets, it is also too quite compared to the constant honking of horns and just general noise we would be subjected to in india, i miss it, everything is too clean and orderly and too expensive, the food is just strange, something that i thought would be so normal, sausage and mash, seems totally alien to me and i do miss india already however i am not into the normal swing of things yet here in the u.k as i am not totally well yet 😦

However some good news for you atleast, whilst out there in india i have recorded daily video’s and am in the process of editing and uploading one a day as a sort of a daily vlog if you know what one of them is,
the channel you can subscribe to to keep up to date with these video’s is:

and the first of many video’s is already up, so watch it now 😀
hope you enjoy them and i hope you can see the first hand experiences we had in india 🙂



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