How’s India?

It’s great thank you, thanks for asking, it’s still awesome however the rain has turned for the worst and it seems to just be raining constantly :/ most of the boys from boys town (the boys we work with) have gone back to their parents/relatives and the school and grounds and cottages are flooded 😦 only 25 boys are still here and because of the constant rains some of the programs have been called off D: bad time. However because there are only a few boys left we have decided that we can afford to take them to the cinema, and have a party with them, a huge treat for them as most, probably all never have even gone to the cinema, good times. Also a good thing for me (it’s Steve again) is oasis India Chennai have asked me to design their leaflet which is awesome and i can’t wait to actually get started 😀

now off to do thew last bit of facebook and email then shopping a tad
till next time
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