Another day has flown by, they seem to be doing this very quickly.
As ever it turned into a busy day.

We had a slight change of plan and decided to go to Spencer Plaza before Boys Town, and change some money, do some shopping and have some lunch.

We had spent the morning preparing for the afternoon activities of making masks (which we actually made), and Rob, cathy and Isaac met with Bernard and got some quotes for some of the work.

Spencer Plaza was fine, Rob and Isaac got a little over excited about the drinks at Cafe Coffee Day, and even after drinking it we cannot tell what flavor the ‘Prankster’ was. There was also a book called’ Finding P.James’, which proves it is not only us that is obsessed with the mysterious figure who can do a magic show.

Anyway, Boys Town was great, another good program with the Boys loving the all time classic song ‘This is my bed’. I am not sure how the games and craft went, I am assured that they went well, as Rob, Cathy and Isaac spent some time talking with older Boys about what sports equipment they would like and a bit about their lives.

We ended up late back (around 1950), and had dinner at Doveton.

A quick blog as the shop is about to close.

Blog by Rob


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