Hiya Folks,

So, we’re here, in the sweaty recesses of Joy and Joy internet cafe! That’s right, we’ve arrived in India safely with Team A, and are happy to report that we have been welcomed incredibly generously, and with enthusiasm. Prince and George met us at the airport, and we travelled back to Vepery YMCA arriving in our rooms at 6am for a 3 hour kip before starting the day again.

Bernard Rajkumar has given us a wonderful welcome, saying that the YMCA is now our place, which is the equivalent of saying it is our home. What an honour to arrive to such hospitality. Tomorrow we will meet with Bernard again to discuss what works the YMCA would like us to support this year, and will hopefully visit the boys at Kottivakkum!! We can’t wait!

The weather is hot with occasional showers. And the team have also experienced their first taste of South Indian cuisine (which they all enjoyed!) Still tired, and in need of time zone adjusting, but very excited about what the following weeks will be filled with. We have already packed in a lot of first times, including crossing the (indian) road; riding in autos; changing travellers cheques; eating mini tiffin; walking down the roads alongside beggars and lepers and the team will fill in more of their first times on the blog throughout the week!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we meet with Bernard tomorrow and hopefully Becky from Oasis the following day.

All the best from Chennai!

Isaac & Cathy


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