To support our team members to grow, develop and contribute to society.

We want people to be the best that they can be.  And we think people are at their best when they can contribute to society.  That’s why we run a life changing international volunteering project.

“Be prepared to have you life changed and see the world from a totally different perspective.  Be prepared to have your heart-broken and your heart filled at the same time. Throw yourself into everything and your perspective on life will be changed.”

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To support our partners’ community development projects in Chennai.

Getting Ready

Join the team and we will make sure you are fully prepared for the Chennai Challenge experience.  There are 3 stages to getting ready for one of our projects:

1. Online Induction

You will:

  • Learn about Chennai Challenge and our partners

  • Get support to start your fundraising

2. Training Weekend

You will:

  • Create your own personal development plan

  • Get ready for the challenges of the project

  • Get training to work on our partners’ projects

3. Planning Weekend

You will:

  • Prepare activities and lessons for your time in Chennai

  • Practise skills you’ll need on the project

  • Complete final checks before heading off to India

“I’ve become more of a team worker, independent, laid back and appreciative, learnt more about value and worth and how it doesn’t matter that you’re just one person, you CAN make a change.”

“I have become a better leader and more flexible and able to go with the flow.  I feel I am more resourcesful now with things around me and tasks at hand.  These skills will compliment my job and career progression as well as my personal life and keeping things in perspective.”


We know fundraising can seem daunting, but we also know that it is a great way to prepare for your project. Join one of our teams and you will be supported to raise a minimum of £1500 towards the project.

You will receive the help you need to come up with ideas that engage your local community, and ultimately raise loads of funds! Through fundraising for Chennai Challenge you will also learn and develop invaluable skills. We rely on the fundraising of our team members to ensure we can keep doing what we do.

“Chennai Challenge was awesome in helping me raise the money by giving me loads of ideas.”

“With ideas for fundraising and previous events, the project not only took me out of my comfort zone, but inspired me to do something amazing!”

“I really appreciated the support of the team members who came to help out at fundraising events. Lots of ideas and support were offered at meetings.”


Join one of our teams and you will spend 2-3 incredible weeks in Chennai with a team of amazing volunteers. Whilst each project is slightly different, you will take part in activities that will be rewarding, fun and most importantly will make a real difference. These will be some of the most challenging and inspiring weeks of your life!


You will spend time with residents at the YMCA Boys Town Kottivakkam. Get to know these amazing young people and run after school fun clubs.

“A particular highlight has been Kottivakkam Boys Town, the whole team are always so excited to go”

Oasis Projects

Learn about Oasis’ work and contribute to their Community Development programmes. This may involve supporting students with English, life skills, tailoring, IT or sports.

“Throughout the three sessions we had with the tailoring group, their curiosity for life, determination and genuine happiness became more and more obvious…we quickly formed an amazing bond with these beautiful, talented and creative women.”

Yellagiri Activity Holiday

You will plan a fun-filled, jam-packed activity holiday for residents of the YMCA’s destitute home. High energy and hugely impactful for you and the children!

“My favourite experience with Chennai Challenge has got to be going to Yellagiri – I loved the time with the boys and made very close bonds with my team.” 

Funding Projects

You will play a role in deciding how we invest the funds we have raised. You’ll learn about the projects our partners run and make decisions based on grant requests.

“A really unique part of Chennai Challenge was being able to discuss how we were going to spend the funds we had raised”


We hope that taking part in Chennai Challenge will just be one step on your volunteering journey. You’ll be inspired to get involved with more social action, either globally or in your own local community.

You will:

Still not convinced?

Here’s what past team members had to say:

“Words can’t describe how much it has impacted my life…I would recommend this incredible experience to anyone”

Rachel Hampson

“Do it! It is challenging, inspiring and really develops a new prospective of your own life and the world around you.”

Suzanne Kelly

“It’s 8 years since I did Chennai Challenge. I’ve forgotten a lot of things in that time, but I still remember every day of my time in Chennai. The people, the food, the culture, the fun and the feeling of making a difference”

Alex Williams

Join us in 2020